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Fan Game Review
Giants vs. Buccaneers

When you think the Giants are going to score a touchdown, they settle for a field goal, and when you think they're going to convert on a field goal, they come away with no points at all. This is no surprise, they've been playing this brand of football since I can remember. The penalties on third down and inside the redzone killed the Giants. These penalties are based on discipline or lack of, these players aren't motivated, even a little false start penalty we could go without. I felt we beat the Buccaneers last night, but we lost to the penalties and the final score wasn't in our favor. We were down 17-13 with about eleven minutes to go, and you know what happens from there. The turnover ratio needs to improve, but I feel we didn't play that bad against the defending Super Bowl champs, hopefully Buffalo will be a good game to bounce back from, but don't take them lightly!
Joey Laura

And another fan's perspective:

Well, another poor performace. It is tough to be a Giants fan these days. I could talk about the offense that again just found ways not to score.I could talk about the defense that at times plays well but at others just doesn't seem to be able to stop the big plays. I could talk about a few terrible calls by the zebras,or a few terrible throws by Collins and pitiful clock management by Fassel. But I think it just would be best to say, hope we can win the games that are left on our schedule and finish with our heads up, get some great offensive lineman in the offseason. And finally kick some ASS next season.
A Real Giants Fan


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