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Fan Game Review
Giants vs. Eagles

The outcome of this game was decided on the opening drive, when the Giants failed to convert in the red zone for a touchdown. The lack of defense and just plain laziness was the reason why the Giants lost this game, or for that matter, why their 4-6.

I thought the play calling was not to ingenious in itself, but Jim Fassel isn't on the field, so lets not put the entire blame on him. I think all the Giants fans are with me when I say we need to revamp the special teams and the defense. Matt Bryant comes back after being out for 5 and half games and he is given the starting job. His first kickoff went about 50 yds. Although Brett Conway isn't a hall of famer, I feel it was too soon for the substitution.

As for the defense, it was all over the place, but not where it was supposed to be. I don't even think I heard Michael Strahan's name mentioned once, I could be wrong though. First and second year corner backs gave too much cushion and just didn't get the job done, mostly due to lack of experience.

My final thought is I don't believe it's Jim Fassel's fault, but we need a change, a new system, with a new coaching staff...hint...hint TOM COUGHLIN.

Joey Laura


And another fan's view:

Well, Giants fans disappointed again. Could talk about an offense that couldn't score, or a defense that couldn't stop anyone from scoring. But I would like to turn my attention to the coach. I have been a Fassell supporting dumbass for the past several years. But, now I no longer believe he is the coach for this team. It is not because he does not do his job with the x's and o's but the comment he made on the pregame show "If they don't play better today I will quit."

There was a big question last week. Did the Giants give up in their lose to the Falcons? Well, who knows. But it seems the coach is giving up on them. And as a true Giants fan that is just unacceptable. So I finally have to admit, maybe it is time to send him on his way if that is truly how he feels.

A True Giants Fan

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