Sample of work:

            ''I don't know why...''

I don't know why the caged bird sings
A litany of frustrations is my song
I'm caged by others
who refuse to see the real me
I'm caged by myself
unable to let others know me
My wings were broken long ago
so now I sit her caged
chirping docilely
trying too hard
not trying hard enough
the bars have become my Salvation
and my damnation
Will anyone ever wonder why I sing
Will anyone care
or is it up to me
to find freedom
My wings may be of no use
but doesn't my soul still exist
Is it strong enough
Or will I be shot down
by a hunter, the world
Do I have no more value
Am I just a bird
just some thing to look at
and never understand
''Oh! How pretty'' the shallow say
I scream but it's only
a muffled tweet
No one turns my way
''It's just the bird in the cage'' they say
I don't know why the caged bird sings
For no longer am I caged
I have found acceptance of self
''The bird is dead'' the shallow say
and I sing a song of triumph


Unhinged is an e-booklet composed of 22 completely original works of poetry by me, MK. The cost is $3, upon payment you will be sent the URL to access Unhinged. Paypal is accepted as are other forms of payment (please e-mail me about other options).

I can write poetry but I'm not very good at self-promotion so I give you the foreword a friend wrote for me a little while back:

          Oh, what an honor to be asked by MK to write the foreword for her first e-book. I was quite surprised she would ask me to do something so prestigious, but I think she just had no one else at the moment. Still, I was honored. I've read the e-book so I must write about how wonderful her writing style, or rhetoric as Mrs. P. would say, is. And now Iíll just write about how much I love my MK!
          I think we all know MK has her hard-to-get-along with moments, but we are all stupid enough to put up with the crap anyway. Why do we put up with it? Because we all know that underneath that hard shell of hers is a caring, sincere person, and thatís what itís all about. Just make sure you know what the hell youíre talking about if youíre going to argue with her, and I think most people who know her know exactly what Iím talking about.
          Truthfully, she is a great person whoís anything but simple. Sheís a great raconteur with keen wit and a realistic outlook on life. I think anyone who knows her cannot deny that she has left her mark on them and I donít think anyone would have it any other way. So when reading this book, take a look inside her world and enjoy your small opportunity to experience her raw emotions while she has let her guard down.

So please purchase my e-booklet, and support my art so I can continue to pursue it. Thanks.


''O, let my land be a land where Liberty is crowned with no false patriotic wreath.'' - Langston Hughes