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What the fans are saying: 11/20

T. Hawson:

I would have thought the Titans would have lost last week to the Bears and then to the Jaguars. The Titans were not to be denied. Kerry Collins has been brilliant. Kerry Collins is unflappable. Two weeks ago against the Chicago Bears, the running game for the Titans was going nowhere and the Titans had to make plays by throwing the ball. Kerry Collins did just that as he threw perfect passes to his receivers. The Bears tried to blitz and gave it all they had, but failed to get Kerry Collins all game long. If I remember his stats he was 30/41 289 and two touchdown passes. Now the road win against the Jaguars was quite impressive. Titans were down by eleven points (14-3). The running game was pretty well balanced with a combined 112 yards by running backs Lendale White and Chris Johnson, but this was another game Kerry Collins came up big in. 13/23 230 and 3 touchdown passes again. Now 13/23 isn't pretty but he got the job done. That home run touchdown pass was a gutsy call, but as I've said before, "Give Kerry Collins the time to throw in the pocket and it's game over for the defense" The Titans have asked everything of Kerry Collins and he has delivered every time.

Anyways there's no one in this league who throws a more beautiful spiral then Kerry Collins. Nobody sees it, but s@%t I do! Just look at the Bears game and the Jaguars. H*&l I've seen it when Kerry was playing for the Giants and the Raiders.



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