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Fan Game Review Guidelines
It's easy to read a game summary in the newspaper, but often you don't get a feel of how the game went, so here's your chance to give other fans who may not see the game a feel of how things really went down. Submissions will be taken after the 49ers game on Saturday. Please use the following guidelines when submitting:

*You have to have seen the game, either on TV or in person.
*Please limit your use of profanity.
*The refs sucked, or the defense sucked, etc. is not a good way to review the game.
*Check spelling and grammar before sending, it'll help me get your submission up quicker.
*Summaries can be any length you wish, but I do reserve the right to edit your work to make it more succinct.
*Submissions must be in by Tuesday if game is on a Sunday, Wednesday if game is on a Monday, etc.
*Include how you want to be credited for your review (i.e. your name, e-mail address, etc.)

If I don't get any submissions for a game, then there won't be one up, without site visitors' participation this won't work. I will contact you back to let you know I received your submission and when/if it will be posted.

Send submissions here.