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Fan Game Review
Giants vs. Eagles

Well about the game...where do we begin?...I guess with a few questions...Where were the down the field passes?...Oh I know ...Where was the O-line?...No, really everyone seems to blame the QB for the loss. I did not realize that one person was able to win or lose a football game in the NFL. Yes, Kerry fumbled the ball when he should have held on....A lineman missed a block...A Pro Bowl tightend fumbled the ball...

I guess the bottom line is this......There are real men under those uniforms. Not robots or supermen just plain men....and they make mistakes just like the rest of us . The major difference is our mistakes don't make ESPN. So all of you Collins critics and Fassel fools....Answer one question for me, Who are you going to get to replace these two men? And will they be treasures today and trash tomorrow?

A Real Giant Fan