Kerry-Shock: man-to-man

Jeremy Shockey hasn't been in trouble with the law, but some things he has said probably make teammates want to lock him up and throw away the key.

Perhaps that's why one guy who has actually been behind bars decided to talk to Shockey about his recent off-the-field controversy.

Kerry Collins, who was once arrested for drunken driving, talked to Shockey about the troubles that stemmed from comments the tight end made in recent magazine interviews. In one, Shockey called ex-Giants coach Bill Parcells, now with the Cowboys, a "homo."

Collins said he thinks Shockey, drafted by the Giants in the first round last season, will eventually learn how to keep himself in line.

"It takes time," Collins said, "and he will get it."

Collins, who is going into his fifth year with the team, has become a leader on and off the field - one reason he pulled Shockey aside.

"It's one thing to hear it from coach (Jim Fassel) or to hear it from (vice president of communications) Pat Hanlon," Collins said. "But I can sit there and tell him life experiences and how I did it and how things got better for me."

Other players have talked to Shockey in recent days, including Amani Toomer. "I just told him to be careful (dealing with the media)," Toomer said. "It can be a big problem if you don't handle it right."

As for the negative vibe Shockey's comments caused at camp, Fassel said, "I don't think it's blown over, but we're headed in the right direction."
Aug 13, 03