Collins To Plead No Contest to DWI

Quarterback Kerry Collins, who is starting a new phase of his NFL career with the New York Giants, plans to plead no contest Monday to driving while impaired in November.

Attorney George Laughrun said Collins doesn't want to fight the charge.

``Kerry said, `I made a mistake. I want to pay my price. And I don't want to be treated any different than anybody else. I want to get this behind me,''' Laughrun said. ``I wanted to try it. But that's his call -- not mine.''

Collins will not be in court for the trial in Mecklenburg District Court. Laughrun will enter Collins' plea.

Defendants pleading no contest don't admit guilt but also don't challenge the charges. They are sentenced as if they pleaded guilty.

Collins, 26, likely faces a $100 fine, the maximum monetary penalty for a first DWI conviction. He was signed in February by the Giants to a four-year, $16.9 million free-agent contract after being cut by the New Orleans Saints.

In March, Collins said alcohol had played too much a part in his life, though he had not been diagnosed an alcoholic.

``My focus right now is to try and be the best quarterback I can be, and alcohol plays no part in that,'' Collins told reporters after signing with the Giants. ``It's not going to play any role in my life.''

Collins has been working at the Giants mini-camp.

Collins was arrested about 1 a.m. Nov. 2, just hours after being taunted by Carolina Panthers fans. The Panthers' first-ever draft choice in 1995 had returned to Charlotte with his new team, the Saints. He had the team's permission to stay in the city after the Saints' 31-17 loss to the Panthers.

A state trooper reported that Collins' car had weaved and crossed the center line.

Collins refused to take a breath test at the Mecklenburg County Jail. He acknowledged his guilt later that day.

``I broke the law. It's a matter of taking what's coming to me,'' he told the Charlotte Observer.