Collins: Honoring Legacies

Last week was a good win. There were a lot of emotions for all of us going into that game and we really wanted to play well for everyone back home. It definitely was not my best game but the bottom line is we got the "W" and that's all that matters.

I can't remember a game where I threw three picks and still won the game but you take 'em any way you can get 'em especially against a good football team on the road. The environment in Kansas City was unlike any other road game I've played in.

Usually, the fans during the road games are a lot more hostile but considering the recent events I think it was hard for them to really show ill feelings toward fellow Americans. They actually cheered us as we ran off the field after warm-ups!

This week we play the New Orleans Saints at home and there will be a whole new set of emotions involved with playing here for the first time since the attacks. There were a lot of Giants fans that died in those attacks and we will play in their memory not only this weekend but for a long time to come.

We are all trying to resume our lives as much as possible and while we will never forget, it seems as though the state of shock that we were all in has somewhat dissipated. I think it is healthy to want to get on with our lives as much as possible. Part of this weekend will be reflecting upon and honoring those who were lifelong Giants fans and what their support has meant to us. We will never forget.

It will be a tough game this weekend (really, they all are) as the Saints are a quality football team. We are going to have to play better defensively and I'm going to have to take care of the ball better to have a chance to win this weekend. Their defense is one of the best in the league and it will be a real challenge to have success against them.

Even though it wasn't a great time personally for me when I was in New Orleans, I really liked the guys down there and enjoyed my time there. I'm happy for them that they have turned it around. See ya'll next week! 9/28/01

-- Kerry Collins