Moderator: Kerry is here and ready to answer your questions.

Downing: How hard have you worked at getting in shape? Are you ready to be the starter, even though coach Fassel says otherwise?

Kerry Collins: I've worked really hard. I've been here since the beginning of March and I feel I'm in better shape now than in any point of my career.

Jimmie Corley: Kerry, how will you prepare differently this year for the upcoming season than last season?

Kerry Collins: Jimmie, right now I'm spending most of my time learning the offense and getting acclimated to living in New York.

jamie: How will playing for the Giants be any different than it was for the Saints and especially for the Panthers. Will your experience with those teams be a benefit or not with your situation in New York?

Kerry Collins: I think they were both good learning experiences and I think the fact that I've played a lot of games will help in the future.

Bumby: Who has been your favorite target (receiver) so far during camp?

Kerry Collins: I've liked throwing to all the guys. I think that Pete Mitchell is going to be a great addition as a tight end.

derek_futuregiantsLB: I am a big fan of the New York Giants organization, and yourself as a quarterback, what do you hope to gain out of the 1999 season with the Giants? Thank you, and good luck this season from your fans in CT.

Kerry Collins: Thanks for the kind words, Derek. What I hope to do is help the team in any way that I can.

Kevin Cox: Will you be wearing No. 12 in New York? All of your bios on the different web sites list different numbers.

Kerry Collins: No, I've decided to change my number and I'm going to go with No. 5.

Chris Mulligan: Hey, Kerry, welcome to the Giants! Have you been impressed with the knowledge of Jim Fassel as a quarterback guru? Do you feel he will be able to bring your game to the next level? Good luck this season.

Kerry Collins: I think Jim is very knowledgable and has a great track record with quarterbacks, so I'm definitely glad to be working with him.

kevin cox: It is well known throughout the league that you have the skill to be one of the best quarterbacks. What have you done to work on your footwork and throwing motions since coming to New York? I wish you the best of luck both on and off the field, and hope that you can get to the level that we know you can play.

Kerry Collins: What I've tried to do this offseason is to increase my efficiency by eliminating any wasted motions, both in my footwork and in my throwing motion. Thanks for the kind words.

Mark Eckblad: Kerry, for a young player, you've already experienced a lot of highs and lows. How has the adversity changed you, for better or worse?

Kerry Collins: Mark, I think anytime you go through adversity it makes you a stronger person. I've also learned a lot about myself and a lot about the game.

Mark Eckblad: Good luck to you and the Giants, Kerry. What was it like quarterbacking for a legend like Joe Paterno at Penn State?

Kerry Collins: Mark, I really enjoyed playing for Joe and have a lot of respect for him and his program.

Blue Blood: How has the team treated you on your arrival here? Are you comfortable or on edge a little bit?

Kerry Collins: I've been very comfortable. Everything is going very smoothly. I'm looking forward to getting to know all my teammates.

Pete: Kerry, all players go into a season with certain goals they want to accomplish. What goals have you set for yourself this year?

Kerry Collins: Pete, my goal is simply to become the best quarterback I can be and to help this team out in any way possible.

Chip G.: Kerry, as a PSU alum, I wish you all the best. You gave us so many great memories. Is there one moment from your PSU career that stands out, and what differences do you expect playing in the grind-it-out NFC East?

Kerry Collins: Chip, I think playing in the Rose Bowl is the one memory that stands out the most. As for the diference in playing in the NFC East, I think it will be tougher, just because of teams like the Cowboys and Cardinals.

Mike Jordan: What do you like to do in your free time?

Kerry Collins: Jim, I enjoy traveling, reading and spending time with friends and family.

Moderator: We've got time for one more question for Kerry before he leaves.

Mike Jordan: Kerry, who were your biggest influences when you were growing up?

Kerry Collins: Mike, I would say the two biggest influences would be my father and Joe Paterno. I think Joe had the biggest on me football wise.

Moderator: Kerry, thanks for joining us today in chat. Any last words before leaving?

Kerry Collins: I just want to thank all the fans for joining me here today. I really appreciate all the support I've been receiving from all the fans and look forward to helping the Giants win this season.

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