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10/26: So it's been a few weeks and even now I have no update to add. It was a bye week so the good news is there's no bad news. I've steadfastly avoided any and all coverage of the Titans struggles. I've seen every game and don't really feel like hearing the talking heads rehash things especially when it seems like some of them have been smoking the hash. Whilst reading the paper yesterday I did accidentally overhear old J.B. talking things out with Charlie don't know his last name and it appears good ole Jeff is sticking with Kerry. I hope that stays the case

and I really hope the receivers will decide to actually catch a few passes next week. The season is one game at a time now and it's really all about pride from this point on. The next game is against the Jags at home. Last time that took place the name Kerry Collins became revelant again, fingers crossed, he'll shut Shannon Sharpe and the rest of the haters down, again. Plus my birthday is Saturday so I'd really appreciate a Titans win with KC at the helm and then Favre showing Green Bay the old man can still get it done. Bow down cheeseheads.

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10/2: New pictures here and here.

9/29: Nothing really needs to be written, too many could've, should've, would've, if only's. Spending the week trying to catch on some routine site maintenance.

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Kerry Collins Knows All About Rex Ryan Defenses

The defense that quarterback Kerry Collins will face on Sunday at Giants Stadium should look a bit familiar. Because it’s the same defense Collins and the Tennessee Titans faced last season, when Jets Coach Rex Ryan was the defensive coordinator in Baltimore.

“It’s no different,” Collins said Wednesday during a conference call. “It’s the same style of defense. They’re attacking. They bring a lot of exotic things, and you just have to be ready for it.”

The Titans faced the Ravens twice last season, winning in the regular season, but falling short on their home field in the playoffs.

In that game, Collins threw for 281 yards, and the Titans held the ball for almost 10 more minutes than the Ravens. Yet the Titans’ offense produced only 10 points and the Ravens advanced to the American Football Conference championship game, in which they lost to Pittsburgh.

Collins said Wednesday that preparing for a Ryan defense twice last year would help the Titans.

“But understanding it, blocking it and doing well against it are two different things,” he said. “That’s a big challenge that we have this week.”

Collins answered a few other questions related to Ryan and the defense:

On where the Jets’ defense ranks: “They’ve got the personnel to play as well as any defense, and I think they are playing as well as any defense in the N.F.L. right now. You’ve got to give them credit.”

On the playoff game against the Ravens: “We ran the ball fairly well in the second game. We caught them in a couple of the right coverages and made a couple of plays in the passing game. In the playoff game, they really stiffened up when we got down in the red zone. There’ll be some things that I’m sure they’ll be ready for that worked against them last year. So, to think that we’re going to do the same things we did last year and be successful, I think we’re probably kidding ourselves."

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Kerry Collins--An Unofficial Fan Site 1998-2009
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