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Fan Game Review
Giants vs. Bills

Well, you didn't expect them to go in cocky, nor did you expect them to go into today's game with their heads down. This game was the worst I've seen in years, I have to think back, three years ago when they got blown out by the Washington Redskins at home. The offensive line prooved that they were rookies by their performance. The only positive factor was the 77yd bomb that was caught by Amani Toomer.

You may ask why that play wasn't used again, or something similar to it; and the answer would be, because it worked.

Tiki Barber was stuffed on almost every carry and when Kerry was in the pocket and not getting stepped on, he only had mere seconds before he heard foot steps. The desicion to go for it on 4th down with about eight minutes left was not using good judgement. At this point they were down 24-7, most coaches would kick the 35 yd field goal, be down by two scores, and have eight minutes left to possibly get those other points. But no, Jim Fassel goes for it, fails, and the Giants walk off the field with zero points. I have stood up for Jim on many occasions, but I draw the line here. Get a smart coach in there, who will discipline the players and also that will bring in a good coaching staff with him, because Fassel's is horrendous. Maybe next week will be the week the New York Giants wake up.

Joey Laura

And another fan's perspective:

OH MY, I guess that about says it...I watched Kerry Collins get beat to the ground....Stepped on by his lineman TWICE.....causing him to fumble the ball once and it is not like he is needing a lot of help with that one....I saw a defense that just couldn't tackle at all.....and the ZEBRA'S on a few calls I'm not sure what game they were calling but it wasn't the one I was watching...But anyway you saw it....It was another bad game....I really don't think it is going to get much better for this Giant team until we can do something with the O-line and the coach himself said "I don't know what that is going to be at this time"... meaning I think we have finally reached the bottom of the pile and their are not more lineman left to choose from. So hey all you Giants fans just hang in their it is just about over for our G-men...And you must admit next season has got to be BETTER...
A Real Giants Fan


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