Thursday, November 21, 2001

Q- Where is your confidence and the teamís confidence right now?

KC- My confidence is still high. I think everybody elseís is high. I donít see anybody walking around here hanging their heads, feeling sorry for them themselves. I see guys around here who want to do something about it, who want to come in here and work hard this week and tee it up again on Sunday. Everybodyís disappointed about what happened on Monday night. But I think our attitude is good. I think weíll stay positive and weíll try to get a win this Sunday.

Q- Are you guys playing a little bit scared because of all the mistakes?

KC- I donít think so. I think at times we get careless. How do you combat that? I think extra time. Weíre trying to prepare well. I think we have prepared well. We have to keep harping on the little things. It all comes down to that. Certainly having 15 penalties - youíre not going to win many football games that way. We have to become a smarter football team, we have to be less careless and we have to execute better.

Q- Do agree with the assessment from the coach that you have to win at least five games to get into the playoffs?

KC- Yeah, I think thatís probably true. How are we going to accomplish that? We need to accomplish that by trying to get a win this Sunday. Itís not going to be easy. Itís going to be a tough game. Oakland is playing probably as well as anybody in the NFL right now. We need to make sure we try to do everything we need to do this week to prepare.

Q- (Question about his recent fumbles)

KC- I donít want to put the ball on the ground as much as I did the other night. A quarterbackís natural reaction a lot of times when the pocket breaks down is to put the ball in one hand because you can move better that way. Thatís a habit that a lot of quarterbacks have. Itís a hard habit to break. Itís something I not only worked on last week, but itís something Iíve worked on all year. Thatís been part of what Iíve been trying to do in my development as a quarterback. Iíll continue to work on it. Sometimes your natural instincts take over. A lot of time your natural instinct is to put the ball in one hand because you can move better that way. But Iíll continue to work on it, like I have all year.

Q- Are you amazed at how many times youíve put it on the ground so far this year?

KC- I donít even know what it is. We got (all three) of them back last week. Like I said, Iím working on it, Iíll continue to work on it.

Q- Is it something thatís really bothering you?

KC- Iím not mentally besieged by it. I havenít lost confidence. Iím going to continue to try to work on it, just like I have been. Iíll certainly make an extra effort not to do it any more.

Q- What are your thoughts about the Raiders defense?

KC- Certainly, theyíve got a lot of talent. They play very well together. Itís going to be a big challenge for us. Theyíre obviously doing things the right way and they have a lot of things going for them. Itís going to be a big challenge.

Q- Question about comparing his play to last season - fundamentals, etc.

KC- I think itís better. Iím doing some things better than Iíve ever done before. Honestly, I really donít see a whole lot that Iím not improving on. I feel my confidence is as high as itís ever been. I feel my place in this locker room and on this team is as good as itís ever been. I see a different and, in a lot of ways, a better quarterback than played last year.

Q- You said in Carolina you learned to deal with the good and the bad, which helped you get to the point where you are now. Do you find yourself relying on those lessons now?

KC- Without question. I think I have a better perspective on playing well and what I need to do to play well. There have certainly been some down times this year, some times Iíve made mistakes. But I feel the vast majority of the times Iíve been able to come back and do some good things. I try to do things that are helpful and help us win football games. Regardless of whatís happened, my attitude and my mindset are to stay positive and I will continue to stay positive.