Thursday, November 30, 2000

Q- Jimís personality seems to be changing the last few weeks. Heís becoming much more aggressive. Is the team responding to that?

KC-Yeah, I think so. I think heís always been that kind of way around here. I donít think heís ever really let it out publicly. You get beat down and get beat down and sooner or later enough is enough and I think Jim has pretty much had enough about a lot of things. Heís really taken the bull by the horns. Heís set the record straight and set the laws around here. He made the prediction that we were going to the playoffs. I think everybody appreciates that and everybody respects his leadership.

Q- Has there been more focus because of this?

KC-I think we probably played our best game the other night against Arizona. That is the first indication that there has probably been a little bit of change. Weíll see how it goes this weekend. But I felt it since he did what he did that weíve been a better football team.

Q- Is this something the team needed?

KC-I donít think it hurt. He certainly motivated us. At the time we lost two in a row and he kind of laid there for us so I definitely donít think it hurt.

Q- Have you learned anything about yourselfÖ

KC-This is really the first time in a few years that Iíve been in this situation and been in the playoff hunt. Iím looking forward to it and I think things went real well last weekend. Our confidence is high right now. Iím just going to try to continue keep going what I did last week and hopefully Iíll play a real good game this weekend.

Q- Teams are judged a lot on quarterbacks. So far would you agree that you havenít beat a real good team yet and you need a win against a good team as much as the team does?

KC-I would dispute the fact that we havenít beaten a good team. I think Philadelphia is a pretty good team. You donít get to be 9-4 by being a bad team. Iím not going to apologize for winning. There are a lot of other teams and a lot of other quarterbackís right now that would like to be in this situation. Iím not going to apologize for where weíre at right now.

Q- You were in a playoff hunt once before earlier in your career. Would you say your role and responsibilities are a lot different this time as opposed to that?

KC-Yeah, but I donít think itís that much different. For a team to go as far as we did you have to have a good passing game and the quarterback has to be playing well. I donít think there is that much of a difference although I realize a lot of how we go is how Iím going. That is fine, that is part of the job and that is what itís all about. Weíll see what happens.

Q- Do you think about the next month of how youíre going to get through this because this is going to define a lot about you?

KC-No, I donít think about the next month. The bottom line is Iím going to give everything that I have and Iím going to leave it all out there on the field and let the chips fall where they may. Iím going to prepare as hard as Iíve ever prepared this week. Iím going to play as hard as I can on Sunday and Iím going to do everything that I can to get it done. After that Iíll be able to look myself in the mirror and know that I gave everything that I had.

Q- When you say prepare as hard as ever, what does that mean? Are you doing that kind of stuff more so than any other part of the season?

KC-Itís that extra half an hour of studying. Instead of an hour and half of watching game film youíve already seen one more time. Itís all that kind of stuff. No, but I think it picks up at this point of the season.

Q-Youíve said that you thought the team has played tight in some ways. Is that still a factor?

KC-I think weíre maturing. This is really the first year that this team has been in big games. This is the first time that this team has been together. In big games I think it takes teams some time to really get to the point where they can feel comfortable going into these games. I feel weíre getting closer to that. I think weíll go into this game more comfortable than we have at any other this season. Whatever happened before happened and I think weíve learned from it.

Q- You often hear a coach or quarterback say weíre going to take what the other team gives us. Is the philosophy here to take what we want because the Redskins arenít going to give us much?

KC-Itís true and thatís the kind of football game itís going to be. Itís going to be a tough football game. They are an awfully good defense. Theyíre going to do things to take things away from you. But we have to be able to keep pounding away. If things go bad or we donít have a good series, we go three and out, we have to come right back and come back harder the next series. I definitely think that is important to do for us this weekend.

Q- So this game, is it more important to be mentally tough than other games in the past?

KC-Sure definitely.

Q- The guarantee of going to the playoffs has that had any affect on you?

KC-I think ultimately it has taken some the pressure off of us. We feel that Jim has put it on himself, put the bulls eye on himself. I think whatever he was trying to do heís done. I think all of his players see that and appreciate what heís trying to do.

Q- So you guys see his method in his madness?

KC-The bottom line is weíre still the ones on the field doing what we have to do. That is what it is going to come down to. I think what he did was a strong leadership thing and ultimately weíre going to have to do the performing.