Thursday, December 13, 2001

Q- Has Joe being out limited you in the passing game?

KC- As far as our 3rd wide receiver goes, Joe has established himself as a quality wide receiver. Yes it does hurt if heís not in there, but that puts the pressure on Ron Dixon and Thabiti Davis to step in and do a good job. They are capable. We like Joe and the things heís done, but itís now on the other guys to come in and step up.

Q- How do you feel about Joe coming back next year?

KC- His potential is limitless. Heís shown enough this year with the way he works to prove that he can be a quality receiver in this league. We can do a lot of things with him. Heís very versatile from the sense heís big enough that he can be a target running down the field. Heís also fast enough that he can do the things we ask him to do. He has unique characteristics that not everyone has.

Q- When does the team look to next season?

KC- After the season. No one like to give up the hope yet. Until there is no hope, I canít see guys talking about that. itís not going to start anytime soon. A lot of that takes place in the off season.

Q- Do you think about addressing your situation?

KC- From time to time. Most of my time and effort is spent trying to get a win now days. Iím not worried about it. It will be taken care of when the time is right. When I have to worry about it, I will. Right now there are other things I have to take care of.

Q- How will your play going down the stretch will effect you going into the off season?

KC- When you have a tough year, like weíve had, you want to finish it up right. There is going to be a bad enough taste in our mouth this off season based on the way our season has gone so far. That can be lessened a little by the way we finish this year. Weíre all looking towards that. I donít see a change in our attitude or the way we practice. Weíre all professionals and we need to treat it that way and give it our best effort regardless of the situation. Weíd all like to finish it up the right way. There is going to be enough of a bad taste.

Re: Your contract

KC- Iím not worried about it. My future here is at least another year. I hope itís for a lot more. I hope the feeling is mutual. That will take care of its self when itís supposed to happen. Until then Iím going to try to do things to the best of my ability. I feel confident that it will take care of its self.

Re: the coaching staff backing you through the hard times. KC- Itís huge. Iíve been in places where it hasnít been there. Itís enormous. It means everything. Iíve been around long enough to know what a good situation is and this is as good as it gets. I try to reciprocate that by going out and working hard everyday. I try being a good guy in the locker room and in the community. There are lots of things that go into being a Giants and I am aware of them. I try to do them as well as I can. Hopefully they see me as a guy that can be a part of the solution as a team and get back to being a winning football team. Iím motivated to do it and I hope they feel that I can be the guy.

Q- Did you change your game without Joe?

KC- No. I try to read things out honestly. Where ever the read takes me I go. I donít force the ball, it hinders you as a quarterback. Iíll continue to read things honestly because I feel the guys can get the job done.

Re: Mr. Mara speaking to the team.

KC- I think it will have a positive effect. When a man like him speaks his mind, we all sit up and take notice. We are lucky to have an owner who cares as much as he does and is willing to do the things heís known for. Weíre going to see a positive response, I think it already has. He was very positive and up lifting and putting things into perspective for us. We all appreciated that. coming from him, every one took it to heart.