Thursday, December 14, 2000

Q- What are your comments on Ron Stone making the Pro Bowl?

KC- Heís great and so deserving. Heís played so well for us this year. I think thatís great and heís getting the recognition that he deserves.  
Q- How does that make the whole club feel to see this many guys get the nod?

KC- I think itís great and especially someone on offense because this isnít exactly an offensive showcase. To have a couple of guys make it that really brings some credibility to a team and what weíre doing this year.

Q-With a win you guys can clinch a division down in Dallas. How much have you guyís thought about that?

KC- Quite a bit, Itís kind of all weíre thinking about these days. Obviously we have a great opportunity this weekend and we understand that itís going to be a tough game. Itís going to be a challenge and a dogfight and we need to be ready to play our best game. I think everybody is excited about getting the opportunity that we have and everybody is looking forward to it.

Q- They kind of showed Washington that theyíre record is not evident of how they were going to play. Given the rivalry between the two teams can you expect a higher level of play?

KC- Definitely, those guys have a lot of pride. Emmitt Smith is not going to let that team shut it down. I donít care. Every time they step on the field heís getting them ready to play as you saw last week against Washington. By no means are they going to shut it down and by no means are we going to take them lightly.

Q-How about them defensively, what is the biggest thing that you have to do?

KC- I watched them play the Redskins last week and their front four put all kinds of heat on George. They really played well and really played hard. Theyíve been banged up and they got some guys that are injured but they still got Coakley and a good secondary. Itís going to be a challenge for us and weíre going to have to come ready to play.

Q- Do you feel bad for Tiki because heís probably as deserving as anybody because of his all-purposeÖ

KC- I donít see anybody at that position with the exception of maybe Marshall Faulk that has done more for a football team. Heís very, very deserving and should have made it. But Tiki is going to use it as motivation and like I said I donít think there is a running back more deserving .