December 15, 2002

(on if the news of Atlanta losing was motivation for the team to do well)

“I think it did. I think it definitely carried us through the second half. Obviously we had a good first half, but we wanted to make sure we closed the deal because we could make some significant ground. I forget when exactly he told us, I think before the game, it was before the game, so yeah, I think we were definitely motivated by it. But I think we were going to play well regardless of this week. I thought we had a good week of practice.”

(on if he was happy this game didn’t come down to the last three seconds)

“Yeah, a little bit unusual for us. It seems like we’re always in tight ball games. It was nice to get a lead early and even keep that lead. Obviously against a divisional opponent, a team that’s given us fits over the year’s, so it was definitely nice to jump up to that kind of lead.”

(on if he enjoyed seeing someone else throw passes to end a ballgame)

“It was different. It was different. I asked our strength coach, ‘what do you guys do over here”. It was good for Jessie to get in there and get some reps. Those guys don’t get a lot of reps during the week. It was nice being in that kind of ballgame where you can sit out a littler bit.

(on staying healthy)

A lot of it comes down to luck but when you look at the big picture I think my protection here has been pretty good and we have been able to run the ball. I just haven’t taken that hit yet. I know the odds are against me but I’m going to keep going until something happens.

(on the big sack and fumble returned for a TD)

It got us momentum and for Kenny to come out and make a big play like that and Micheal Barrow to get that ball out was a huge play. We kept right on rolling so that was a very big play and I like the way we finished the game as well.

(on the gameplan)

We were sharp. We were going to throw the ball early. I think our first three plays were passes. It was good execution, that is the way I feel about it. Toki makes a big run and all of a sudden we’re back there again. There were a lot of positives I saw from us offensively. Dallas is a tough team because they do a lot of blitzing and give us a lot of different looks. Once we got ahead on them they started blitzing a lot. It changed my focus on the game because the only way they’re going to get back in the game is if we turn the ball over. I wanted to be careful with the ball and eat some clock as well.

(on the post-season race)

I’ve been in this situation before and see it every year with teams. With four or five games left and it’s not looking that good. Some teams go on a run at the end of the year and others that have good records drop a couple of games. That is why you have to stay on it if you are mathematically alive. Even if it may look bleak you have to continue working hard. We’ve got two games and we have to win both of them. I thought today was a real good effort on our part and we will see what happens.