Thursday, December 20, 2001

Q- Kerry did you watch the end of the Yankee Q- Is there no room for error?

KC- We understand that. We understand the situation. We understand that we need to win all 3 games to have a chance of being in the playoffs. Having said that, the best way to approach it is to take this week and prepare as much as we can. Then we have to go out and try to get a win. Seattleís coming in with the same situation. Theyíre going to be hungry. We have to be ready to go, because they are going to be ready to go.

Q- Re: Getting Joe back.

KC- It is good. We missed Joe. Heís really come through for us this year. We can go back and do some things that weíve gotten good at this year with 3 wide receivers. Then weíre able to mix up some personnel. He looks good and looks healthy, so it will be good to get him back.

Q- Will the last drive carry over to this game?

KC- I hope it does. it was a positive thing. What I like about it is was that everybody stayed positive. It was a rough game till that point, but we stayed positive and we made plays when it mattered the most. Hopefully that will allow us to springboard into these next 3 games and play with some confidence and have some fun.

Q- How important is it to set the tone at home?

KC- You always want to start out positive. At some points, we havenít started that way this year. I know we havenít been effective on our first drive, but who knows? We have maintained a good attitude and weíre working hard. there is no way to tell how a game is going to go, but we will continue to go out and work hard.

Q- Can you forget the past games and concentrate on the next 3 game?

KC- I can do you one better and concentrate on one game at a time. We can do it. There are lots of teams right now that have nothing to play for. Regardless of what kind of shot we have. That means a lot as far as motivation and getting ready for the game. I feel the attitude has been good. Weíve practiced well this week. Weíre all aware of what we need to do and weíre going to give it our best shoot.

Q- Re: Seattle pass rush.

KC- The have a good pass rush. They have good rushers, with Chad Brown the linebacker and John Randle. They can all get after the passer. Itís going to be a challenge for us with protection, plus they have a solid secondary behind them. So weíll have to be heads up.

Q- Will we see 4 quarters of Giants football?

KC- The picture is clear and vivid. There are no more if nor ands. We have no more room. We understand itís 3-0 or nothing. We havenít responded as well at times this year, but weíre aware of it. The attitude has been good, and hopefully we can turn it around.

Q- Re: Ron Dayne.

KC- I think heís gotten a bad rap. Heís a good player. Heís a gifted runner. With Tiki playing so well, itís hard to get Ron touches. Tikiís running real well. Heís been healthy and finishing runs real well. Itís hard not to get Tiki the ball. Ronís a great player and I believe that. He can be as good a back in the league. He can be in the upper tier of backs in the league. He hasnít been able to get the touches that Tiki has.