Thursday, December 6, 2001

Q- Is there a heighten sense of urgency around the team now?

KC- Definitely, right now we understand the situation and we all understand that our backs are against the wall. We know that one more loss and our season is probably over. We have that sense of urgency and we understand what we need to do.

Q- Do your playoffs begin now?

KC- No question. We take the approach of just finding a way to win this game. However we find a way to get this game, letís just get this one. Weíll worry about other things after that. Weíre getting down to a do or die situation for us.

Q- Is looking ahead at this point dangerous?

KC- Weíre not. The attitude and the mind set has been, letís just find a way to win games. Regardless of what has happened. Regardless of who we have to play, I donít even know. I mean that I have a sense, but that is the mentality weíre trying to get into. We have to go down there and find a way to win.

Q- How does Dallas look different to you?

KC- Theyíre about the same, which is pretty good. They are still doing a lot of blitzing, and different things in their base defense. They are getting Woodson in the paint. They are doing things to put a lot of pressure on you. Definitely the same thing weíve seen, which is pretty good.

Q- They have played you tough throughout the years even when you had to come back last year.

KC- One thing you always know about this team is that they play hard. they donít put the sword down for anybody. They have a lot of guys on their team with a lot of pride. If you look at their defense they have some players over there. They always play us tough and itís always a real good game. we know what weíre going against this weekend.

Q- Do they take the mentality of knowing what they did to you earlier this year in the 1st half?

KC- Iím sure they feel like they gave one away. We had to scramble our butts off in the 2nd half to get the win. Iím sure they look at that one and say that was one they could have had. They are going to be ready to play and we know that. They have guys that enjoy playing and play with a lot of confidence, passion and pride.

Q- Following the bye week has there been a refocus by the team on the rest of the season?

KC- Weíve all used this time wisely. We all used the time to get away from it, but we used it to figure out what each individual guy has to do to get better and help this team to win football games. There are 2 ways to look at it, you want to get away from it but at the same time you want to use the time constructively and positive.

Q- Why is Fassel so good down the stretch?

KC- His philosophy is that he wants us to get better every week. When you have that mentality this is usually the time that you put things together. Thatís true in my 3 years. Last year especially and itís also happened for him in the past. Itís been his M.O. He wants you to improve every week then coming down the stretch you need to be playing your best football.

Q- How is that going to help you this season?

KC- Hopefully weíll start playing our best football. We havenít played very good football consistently this year. Hopefully we can turn the corner and finish the right way.

Q- How different will it be if Jurevicius canít go?

KC- With Joeís emergence, heís been a big part to the offense. Iíve got a lot of confidence in Ron Dixon, Thabiti Davis if they come in to do a good job. Injuries are a part of the game. certainly loosing Joe is going to hurt, but I feel those guys will come in and do a good job and be on top of things.

Q- Where can you improve specifically with yourself?

KC- Iíd like to take care of the ball a little better. Try to execute the offense as well as I can. At the end of the day thatís all you can do. My attitude hasnít change and I still remain confident.

Q- After improving last year do you feel that you can continue to improve this season?

KC- Time will tell. My confidence is still really good and really high. Itís been consistently high this year more than last year. Another year older another year wiser.