Thursday, September 21, 2000

Q- Kerry, talk about guys maintaining their focus?

KC- We need to worry about our camp and what is going on here. For us to think about anything else is going to take away from what we need to do to try and win the football game. We just need to worry about what weíre doing.  

Q- A win not only puts you up three games but it is a divisional gameÖ

KC- Obviously any divisional game is important and certainly with the way things have shaped out itís probably going to mean a little more than you would think at this point in the season. I know theyíre going to be fired up and their viewing it as a must win game. We have to be ready for their best effort.  

Q- Do you get fired up because of the cornerbacks youíre going to face?

KC- Well, theyíre definitely good and itís going to be a big challenge for us. Weíre going to need to make some plays and change it up and try to keep them off balance. To just line up and go one-on-one with them all game isnít going to improve your chances of success.  

Q- You have never been in a two minute situation yet,Ö

KC- Yeah, itís true, we really have never been in a two-minute situation at the end of the game. Weíve been able to run the ball and when we can do that it pretty much allows us to execute everything we have in our gameplan. Weíve been a little bit unpredictable; we were able to change things up. If there is one thing that is going to allow us to play a good football game, itís if we can execute everything we got.  

Q- What happens if things donít go right?

KC- Yeah, every game weíve jumped out to a lead and never really been tested from a come from behind situation. That will definitely be a test to see where weíre at. It could happen this weekend because weíre playing a hungry football team. Hopefully weíll be ready for the challenge and if it comes to that we need to keep our poise and continue to execute.  

Q- Does it make it more dangerous because youíre facing guys that have been there?

KC- There is no doubt about what weíre going to get this weekend, only a fool would not be able to tell that. Last week we didnít know, coming in against an 0-2-football team. We know what weíre going to get and we know what theyíre coming up here for. Theyíre viewing it as a must win game. We know weíre going to get everything they got.  

Q- Could you compare your quarterback situation with what is going on there?

KC- I think (of course I donít know) I am in a more comfortable situation here in New York than Brad is in Washington. Itís a tough situation in having been in a similar situation last year. Obviously, I wasnít the incumbent and there was somebody coming in behind. I saw the effect it had on Kent, I think he played tighter, itís tough itís just really tough. In this league itís a real luxury to have full support of youíre organization, of the coaching staff and not only through words but through deeds. I got to think that it is tough on Brad right now to have a situation where everybody is trying to create a quarterback controversy. I donít know if the ownership is doing anything to quiet those rumors but (God) I would imagine itís really tough right now.  

Q- If Jeff George is the backup quarterback, no matter what the starter says you would think he would have to feel his presence.

KC- You have to and Jeff wants to play, heís made that clear. A guy with his talent level which is probably the best in the league. Itís got to weigh on Bradís mind, I know if I was in that situation it would definitely weigh on my mind. I empathize with him, I really do.

Q- The philosophy here is to not do something like that. It is to go with a clear-cut starter. Does that really help you?

KC- Absolutely, of course there are limits but their going to stick with through the good and the bad. At least for a somewhat extended period of time, good games bad games whatever. That youíre going to be the guy and youíre going to be in there. We donít have designs on having someone who is right there waiting for you or someone who we figure into the situation. It makes a big difference for your psyche and the way you approach things. Knowing that you donít have to go out there and throw every pass perfectly and you donít have to do everything right when you got a guy behind you that can do a lot of good things and is still intent on wanting to play. I think there is a big difference, definitely.

Q- Knowing they played you really well last year and then made all those changes. How surprising is it where they are?

KC- Itís surprising. Iím never surprised though when you have struggles in any NFL season, that happens, whether it is the beginning, end or middle. There has only been one team that has gone undefeated and every team goes through a period during the year when they have problems. Maybe theirs were in the beginning and once they get it righted itís going to be pretty good. Theyíve got the talent and the people thereís no question about it. Once they get it turned around theyíll be a serious force to be reckoned with.

Q- Overall defensively what catches you most about the defense?

KC- The talent level is second to none in the NFL. I look at the corners with Deion Sanders, Darrell Green and Champ Bailey, three of the better corners in the NFL regardless of what team they are on and they just happen to be on the same team. Itís going to be a real big challenge for us. The front four is playing really well; they get a lot of pressure on the quarterback. I think they have the most ability of any front four in the league. Itís going to be a real big challenge for us and we realize weíre in for a tough game.

Q- Do they challenge you to throw down the field more than any other teams?

KC- Their philosophy is theyíre going to play man and their going to dare you to complete balls down the field. They feel they can take your down the field throws away by playing man to man and they seem to be right from what Iíve seen on film. Like you said, it is going to be a tough challenge for us. Itís going to be a tough challenge for Amani, Ike, Ron and Joe. This isnít going to be a game where you expect to go in and for four quarters and be able to throw the ball down the field against their man to man. We would be fooling ourselves to think we would be able to do that.

Q- But other teams have given you the underneath stuff more than these guys would?

KC- Well, when you play man-to-man the underneath routes become a little bit tougher. You find holes in the zone but these guys play so much man that they have match-ups and they seem to have a body on everybody. It becomes a premium on route running and being sharp and executing and being on time with throws.

Q- Is there a little bit of a fine line there where you have to take some shots down the field but you have to be careful not to try too many?

KC- Yeah, you canít not throw the ball on the outside, you have to at some point. Otherwise teams will suffocate what you try to do. But you have to be a little creative and you have to have different sets and formations and try to get different match-ups. Weíve been good at that so far and I think everybody feels good about the things were going to do. But to just line up and play all day thinking youíre going to beat them one-on-one down the field, they might be too good for that, I donít know.