Fassel likes Collins but Ravens have no room

If Jim Fassel had his way, he would love to have Kerry Collins as his quarterback again.

Unfortunately for Collins, the Baltimore Ravens -- where Fassel now works after being fired by the Giants -- don't appear to have room to add the recently released veteran.

"The problem that I have in Baltimore is that I'm only a consultant. They have a commitment to Kyle Boller," Fassel told ESPN Radio on Sunday night.

"Is there an opportunity for him in Baltimore there? No, because a lot of teams make their commitment. And you can't commit to two at that position. Being released at this late time, every team thinks they've got their guy, and it's hard to incorporate another guy. But Kerry Collins will resurface with another team, and he will take another team to the Super Bowl."

Collins was released by the Giants shortly after the team drafted Eli Manning on April 24.

Collins led the Giants to the Super Bowl in 2001, where he was 15-of-39 for 112 yards with four interceptions in a 34-7 loss to the Ravens.

"Obviously, I'd love to have Kerry there," Fassel said. "I think the world of him. I told Kerry a few years ago ... 'Sometimes people walk into each other's lives when they need you.' Kerry needed some discipline, he needed some guidance, he needed some coaching. And I needed a quarterback. And he came in and took us to the Super Bowl."

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