Q&A: Kerry Collins

Q:You're the only Nittany Lion quarterback to have a long NFL career in the last decade or so. Would you tell a recruit who had NFL aspirations to come to Penn State?

A:"I mean yeah, it's hard for me not to tell somebody that because obviously I was able to do it. And I know that Mike McQueary and few other guys that had the opportunity to play in the NFL. The opportunity is there. I guess I would definitely tell a recruit if you can do it, you're going to get national exposure. You're going to play with good people and get more attention. I would definitely recommend it."

Q:Anthony Morelli has received a lot of criticism in his two years as starter. Did you think the amount he's gotten was possible?

A:"No question about it. My junior year I got it. In the middle of my junior year it was kind of rough. We were struggling a little bit and I was just getting it from all over place. That's just part of playing the position. People are going to be critical of quarterbacks."

Q:How were you able to overcome that or did it just go away with winning?

A:"Basically, you've got to let it roll of your shoulders and understand that it is part of the position. It's happened to anyone that's ever played for any extended period of time. You have to deal with it. You have to put it out of your mind and not let it affect you."

Q:Joe Paterno is known to not let most freshmen play right away. Do you think that hurts recruiting, especially quarterbacks, in the long run?

A:"I have no idea. I would say a young quarterback coming out of high school would probably benefit from a year or two to get his feet wet. It's going to be competitive at Penn State in general just because they're not going to put in kids [if they] are scared or are going be."

Q:How long are you going to keep playing?

A:"I don't think about it. Tennessee's a great place. I'm at the stage of my career where my role is a little bit different as a confidant to Vince [Young]. ... I've got this year and next on my contact year and I'm enjoying it and still having fun. I'm going to play this contract out and see what happens."

Q:When's the last time you've been back to State College?

A:"I come back when I can. Last time I was up there was for the spring game in 2005."

Q:How closely do you follow the team now?

A:"I try to watch them all on TV if I can."

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